This website has been established and is supported by personal donations of time and resources in the name of humanitarian public service from senior engineers who are specialists in the field of disaster-resistant buildings, especially single-family dwellings. In order to achieve objectivity, no commercial contributions for creation or maintenance of this website have been accepted even though references are made to the products of certain manufacturers as needed for illustration. This is not an endorsement of any product. The engineers involved are deeply concerned that in spite of the common occurrence of numerous killer tornadoes, homebuilders are not building or rebuilding with tornado-resistant house construction methods even though such methods are available and proven.

The details shown are for illustration of possible approaches to engineering design practices only and are not sufficiently developed to be used "as is" in an actual design. The ultimate responsibility for the integrity of a specific design is the responsibility of the designated licensed Structural Engineer of Record for an individual project. All analysis, calculations and drawings for a specific structure should be performed by a state licensed engineer.

Authors are available to make pro bono PowerPoint presentations about the content of this website at conventions and similar events. Expenses must be covered. Please contact us for more information.

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